Remembering Roland Griffiths

The heartbreaking news of Dr.Roland Griffiths’s passing was given to the world yesterday, October 17th. Griffiths was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic colon cancer at 76.

Despite his diagnosis to be terminal, he remained optimistic about existence. In an interview with the New York Times, he reminded us that we all are mortal quoting. “We all know that we’re terminal.”

Dr.Griffiths was an illustrious psychopharmacology professor at Johns Hopkins and spent decades studying the mechanism of mood-altering drugs. During his research, he published over 400 scientific papers on opiates and cocaine, sedatives and alcohol, and nicotine and caffeine.

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LSD lemurs and millipedes with Daniela Bolanos Garcia

The case of Professor John Buettner-Janusch is the biggest scandal around the University of NY, from synthesizing one kilo of Quaaludes and LSD to supposedly give to lemurs (where he gained his nickname Professor Quaalude) to attempting to poison the federal judge responsible for his case. Janusch claimed he had given LSD and Quaaludes to his primates to study their emotional behavior while under the influence of these compounds. However, in the wild, we have also heard that lemurs get high using hallucinogenic millipedes. To get down to these claims, we had a conversation the Tropical Biology student Daniela Bolanos Garcia to understand why they do it, whether they are consciously getting high, and what makes them high!

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