Psychedelics inspiring artists: A conversation with Sylocin

Without a doubt, one of the first things that comes to our mindsūü߆ when thinking about psych*delics is the distortion of our vision, followed by visual and auditory hallucinations. To most, these hallucinations are mere imagery or part of our hallucinations generated by our brain, but how would someone with an artistic vein perceive such changes in their sensory and neural sites? To understand more how these compounds may influence and inspire someone's art, we spoke to EDM music producer SylocinūüćĄ

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Impact of new Halogenated Tryptophan Derivatives on Psychedelic Research

Groundbreaking research has demonstrated the potential for enzymes to selectively halogenate tryptophan at the 5-, 6-, or 7- positions, with particular emphasis on the 7- position, opening up opportunities to expand bio-based production to different hosts and halogenation positions within tryptophan, making it relevant for a cheaper large-scale industrial production of tryptophan pharmaceutical derivatives. In the realm of psychedelics, this method could lead to the development of various tryptamine-based psych*delics and new halogenated beta-carbolines that can be used as alternatives to MAOIs in pharmahuasca blends. The possibilities are vast and exciting.

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Types of psychoactive compounds

Society often misunderstands what drugs are. We all have a family member or a friend who says they are against drugs, but they consume alcohol, coffee, or smoke.  Likewise, the community blurred the narrow line between what is psychedelic or simply psychoactive. We have constant arguments on whether MDMA, Cannabis, or Ketamine might be psychedelic or not.  To some, the compounds become psychedelics based on the dosages. To others, the compounds fall into more scientific terminologies. Join us to learn about the various classes of psychoactive compounds and how they affect our daily lives.

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Psychedelics As a Second Language is a project focused on educating and understanding the many other compounds in the Botanical/Pharmacological realm and how these substances act in the human mind.


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