What is Psychedelics as a second Language

Since the Controlled Substance Act many psychoactive substances were misunderstood, whether by the lack of education or the propagation caused by faulty media.

In our blog you’re assured to learn about psychoactive substances, their origin, cultural value, what they do to our brain and consequently learn more about our minds and the old Paracelsus quote:



What is there that is not poison? All things are poison and nothing is without poison. Solely the dose determines that a thing is not a poison”



After several years of research about psychoactive substances, we noticed a lack of compact information regarding certain psychoactive substances.          The information would often be scattered around various books, websites, and forums.

For that reason, Psychedelics As a Second Language was brought to life, to compact various information gathered for years of research and learning to provide knowledge to make Psychedelics Our Second Language.


Our book is focused on very specific topics such as:

How to identify different cacti under the Lophophora Genus.
The chemistry behind the different species

Tips on how to breed the cactus:
Propagation, Soil, Infestations, Watering Cycle and Grafting
Laws surrounding the cactus
How to harvest the specimens without harm
The history and historical use behind the cactus
The religion of Peyote and their importance on the NAC
Ceremonies in the NAC: The importance of Fireplaces and Music in Peyote rituals
Future of Peyote
Peyote as an Inspiratio

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