Apollo Neuro Solution to Beat Stress, Achieve Better Sleep in World Sleep Day

Sleep is one of the most essential functions for the survival of every species. Unfortunately, the presence of social media, and the need for productivity lead to augmented stress, impacting our sleep schedules and quality of sleep.

To fight stress, we often pick up habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, overusing coffee breaks as an escape, using substances such as Cannabis, or even throwing ourselves into the microdosing quotidian.

Despite the benefits of these compounds, plenty of these substances reduce the quality of sleep even further.

For this reason, Apollo Neuro released its own Wearable.

This wearable addresses the root of stress and anxiety, the nervous system.

Apollo Neuro works as touch therapy by delivering gentle, soothing vibrations, called Apollo Vibes, like music your body can feel reducing stress and helping you relax to fall asleep.

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Cannabis and exercise

Cannabis has been a part of our society for ages. With the legalization of the plant in various states, the words Terpenes, Cannabinoids, and Cannabis have been louder than ever, raising questions about various topics, one of them exercise.

Athletes and workout enthusiasts have recently entered the world of Cannabis to benefit from the muscle relaxation and pain relief effects of the plant. Unfortunately, to those who compete at a professional level, smoking is often not possible. So we might question ourselves, how can I consume Cannabis without smoking it?

To figure out various forms of consumption of the plant and how Cannabis can help athletes or during exercise, tips on how to implement working out into your routine, and what CBD is, we spoke to the molecular biologist and weight-lifter Suat Neven.

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Molecular Art with Dr. Mike McCormick (xtal_xlear)

Art usually focuses on physical objects, viewpoints, or even the imaginary, but how about what is invisible to the human eye and can only be seen at a molecular level?

We spoke to the crystallographer Dr.Mike McCormick (@xtal_xlear) to understand more about his artwork and how portraying molecules in the form of art may cultivate interest in the fields of chemistry to the masses.

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