Molecular Art with Dr. Mike McCormick (xtal_xlear)

Art usually focuses on physical objects, viewpoints, or even the imaginary, but how about what is invisible to the human eye and can only be seen at a molecular level?

We spoke to the crystallographer Dr.Mike McCormick (@xtal_xlear) to understand more about his artwork and how portraying molecules in the form of art may cultivate interest in the fields of chemistry to the masses.

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Stories of a modern opioid eater

From Daquince’s use of opium to the modern era, many stories of opioid users have been lost. For that reason, we cover the stories of two opioid- users Benzzzy and Calvin, from what led them to their addiction, their difficulties during this period, their advice for people who might be going through addiction, and their current status.

In addition, we discuss the pharmacology student Anthony Furrule (@science_and_anonymous) about opioid prescription, opioid alternatives, the use of Ibogaine or its analogs for the treatment of addiction, and Narcan-resistant Fentanyl.

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