Psychedelics inspiring artists: A conversation with Sylocin

Without a doubt, one of the first things that comes to our minds🧠 when thinking about psych*delics is the distortion of our vision, followed by visual and auditory hallucinations. To most, these hallucinations are mere imagery or part of our hallucinations generated by our brain, but how would someone with an artistic vein perceive such changes in their sensory and neural sites?

To understand more how these compounds may influence and inspire someone’s art, we spoke to EDM music producer Sylocin🍄

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Impact of new Halogenated Tryptophan Derivatives on Psychedelic Research

Groundbreaking research has demonstrated the potential for enzymes to selectively halogenate tryptophan at the 5-, 6-, or 7- positions, with particular emphasis on the 7- position, opening up opportunities to expand bio-based production to different hosts and halogenation positions within tryptophan, making it relevant for a cheaper large-scale industrial production of tryptophan pharmaceutical derivatives.

In the realm of psychedelics, this method could lead to the development of various tryptamine-based psych*delics and new halogenated beta-carbolines that can be used as alternatives to MAOIs in pharmahuasca blends. The possibilities are vast and exciting.

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Types of psychoactive compounds

Society often misunderstands what drugs are. We all have a family member or a friend who says they are against drugs, but they consume alcohol, coffee, or smoke. 

Likewise, the community blurred the narrow line between what is psychedelic or simply psychoactive. We have constant arguments on whether MDMA, Cannabis, or Ketamine might be psychedelic or not. 
To some, the compounds become psychedelics based on the dosages. To others, the compounds fall into more scientific terminologies.

Join us to learn about the various classes of psychoactive compounds and how they affect our daily lives.

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What is shadow work?

In the intricate landscape of human psychology, the concept of the shadow self, as elucidated by Carl Jung, represents the latent and often repressed aspects of our personality. Emerging research suggests that psychedelics, particularly empathogens-entactogens such as MDMA and 2C-B, may serve as catalysts for unveiling these hidden dimensions.

Through controlled clinical settings and guided therapy, individuals undergoing psychedelic experiences have reported profound insights into their shadow selves, leading to enhanced self-awareness and psychological integration.

Join us in examining personal anecdotes, confronting the intersection of untreated shadow manifestations and the transformative potential of psychedelic-assisted therapy.

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Prehistoric Psilocybin

Ethnobotanicals are the most antique forms of psychedelic consumption, but for how long have they been around? We have proof of human and animal ingestion around 3,000 years ago, but could species before have also presented the existence of such species?

A newly published study from the University of Utah and the Natural History Museum of Utah suggests that the Psilocybe genus could be around about 65 million years ago!

Join us to uncover a hypothesis of why the genus started developing psilocybin and the first appearance of the fungi during prehistory.

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Apollo Neuro Solution to Beat Stress, Achieve Better Sleep in World Sleep Day

Sleep is one of the most essential functions for the survival of every species. Unfortunately, the presence of social media, and the need for productivity lead to augmented stress, impacting our sleep schedules and quality of sleep.

To fight stress, we often pick up habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, overusing coffee breaks as an escape, using substances such as Cannabis, or even throwing ourselves into the microdosing quotidian.

Despite the benefits of these compounds, plenty of these substances reduce the quality of sleep even further.

For this reason, Apollo Neuro released its own Wearable.

This wearable addresses the root of stress and anxiety, the nervous system.

Apollo Neuro works as touch therapy by delivering gentle, soothing vibrations, called Apollo Vibes, like music your body can feel reducing stress and helping you relax to fall asleep.

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Women Authors in Psychedelics: Celebrating Women’s History Month

Celebrate Women’s History Month with us!
Join us in honoring the incredible contributions of female authors in the realm of psychedelics.

We’re excited to showcase a diverse array of voices, each bringing unique perspectives, captivating stories, and groundbreaking research.

Dive into the fascinating world of psychedelics with our curated selection of newly released books. From personal journeys to scientific exploration, these books offer profound insights and thought-provoking narratives that enrich your understanding of psychedelics and their potential.

Support female writers and their invaluable contributions to the psychedelic discourse by adding these remarkable books to your collection.

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Australia Leads Psychedelic Therapy Revolution with First MDMA Prescription

Last week, Australia just made history by making the first MDMA prescription. Dr. Ted Cassidy decided to prescribe MDMA to his patient, a female suffering from chronic, treatment-resistant PTSD.

Dr. Cassidy claims that one session of MDMA was equivalent to one year of treatment.

Join us to understand how MDMA can help treat mental illness, the previous history of MDMA psychotherapy, the influence of the Shulgins on various psychotherapists, and various other studies done in the era!

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Alchemy: The primordial of chemistry

Have you ever wondered who on earth invented chemistry?
You might have answered Antoine Lavoisier in your mind, but what concepts existed before those who invented modern chemistry, and what are the primordials of what we now call chemistry?

To understand this, we dive into Ancient civilizations known for the origins of Alchemy, Mathematics, Geometry, and Medicine. We uncover the Hermetic philosophies and doctrines behind these civilizations, the reigning question of who was Hermes Trismegistus, and the origins of alchemy.

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Amanita in a nutshell: The birth of Gaboxadol and pharmacological value of Amanita

After covering the cultural impact of Amanita Muscaria, we dive into the influence of the mushroom on the chemist Povl Krogsgaard-Larsen and the birth of Gaboxadol.

How the mushroom became popularized as a recreational drug, how to find your dosage, the effects of Amanita Muscaria, and the potential of the mushroom as a therapeutic tool, as an anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer agent.

We understand how Amanita Muscaria can be used to help with anxiety, autism, and panic disorder by looking up to the story of the YouTuber Amanita Dreamer.

And how, despite the constant arguing about whether the mushroom is neurotoxic or not, Amanita Muscaria made its way into being a delicacy, being served as ice cream in France (including our recreation of the 1909 recipe) and pickled in Japan under the name BENI-TENGU-DAKE.

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